Website Migration

Our professionals are masters at moving sites to and from platforms. This isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Moving online versus in the real world induce the same kind of stress. Luckily, Zooliad offers website migration services to those looking to move to a new platform, one that will afford your content the traffic that it deserves?

Beginning at the fundamental level, our skilled team of technicians will transfer your files to your new hosting provider, export your WordPress database, create a new database and import your data, it will look as if the only thing that has changed is the web address. We of course will optimize your page for any variances that your new platform may possess, make sure that your data and software is up to date, and set you up with a maintenance plan that will keep your page running at top speed.

Changing Hosting Platforms

Should your website require a new look, we have a full staff of designers ready to wow you with their concepts for your website layout. Designers focus on the content of your pages to create the perfect backdrop, accenting your work-not distracting from it. We also offer websote design consultation, and would love to be given the opportunity to design a functional yet eye-pleasing page that further showcases your dedication to your craft.

Ultimately the goal is to draw as many repeat as well as new readers to your page. The decision to change platforms for your website is one that can be confusing and irritating for those that do not work in IT, culminating in the loss of time and productivity. Allow yourself the peace of mind in knowing that our attentive technicians are meeting your site and all of its needs. Our team has logged the hours necessary to become proficient in the migration of websites and we are continually re-educating ourselves as the programs update, become obsolete, or simply fail to work. And though there are unique instances that require a custom and dedicated approach, our technicians’ complete knowledge of these “moves” ensure that a solution is never far from hand.

WordPress Trouble Shooting

The Zooliad team understands how much each visitor to your website means to you. Our web pages are our individual front lines in our marketing campaigns. A web page that is down is as good as a blank business card. That’s why we strive to minimize and eliminate downtime, offer preventative maintenance products designed to keep your site running at full potential, and offer the most comprehensive knowledge on WordPress troubleshooting and fixes.

Before deciding on a company to assist in your migration, consider giving us a call. You won’t find a more qualified team with applicable experience who genuinely enjoy their profession. Allow us to create or move your web page to a new platform. Our dedication to your concerns will make you a lifelong client; our stress-relieving migration services will ensure that it is a lasting relationship.

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