Why Website Backups are Important

Backups are an essential aspect directly relating to the success of your WordPress site. It’s advised and widely practiced to backup both personal and professional data, especially if it’s important to you. We backup our photos, our computer data, and our crucial work, so why wouldn’t we backup our WordPress sites that we have potentially spent years developing? Backups give a peace of mind for the future and ensures that whatever happens, your site can be restored in a few short minutes, giving you the 24/7 running website you need for your business or blog.

WordPress users and developers may unfortunately encounter all sorts of disabling circumstances from faulty plugins to hackers. These are more than inconveniences, they can be crippling to your site for an extended period of time, especially if you have to start over from scratch. But you can save yourself from these setbacks and conserve years of hard work by taking a simple measure and proactively start working with our team to ensure regular backups for the security of your business.

WordPress Website Backups

There are two things that make up a full backup for your WordPress site. One is your database which includes your blog posts, comments, and your WordPress admin settings. The other portion is all your files, the theme, and your plugins, scripts and media. Many web hosts may backup a site’s database, but they leave out the files and media and other information that you have worked hard to sort and order in the right places. Media files alone can take hours to put back on your site in the appropriate places. Relying on web hosts is also inefficient in that it may take a prolonged period of time to retrieve that database backup from them. There are huge advantages to using a service like ours which keeps everything safe, secure, and private. Let us take care of all your backup needs and protect your vital information so you can focus on the growth of your business.

How WordPress Fixes Will Benefit You

You may think WordPress backups more difficult to deal with than they are worth. It’s true that it can be a struggle to make sure you have all the right information saved in all the right places to make a necessary restore or web host change simple and seamless. But that’s where we can come in. Our service offers a complete backup of all your site’s most important information and files on a regular basis. And we’ll even do the restore for you! Your WordPress site is your life’s work, and you want to protect it. The last thing you want to be is unprepared for a server crash, a hacker, or an annoying bug to bring your site, and consequently your business, down for hours or days. We prepare you for the long run so that your road to success is smoother and less stressful. What is important to you is important to us. Let’s be prepared for the unexpected together.