WordPress Website Fixes


Zooliad is proud to offer WordPress users the very best in technical support and services. The WordPress platform was designed to be as user friendly as possible, short of creating pages and content for you. Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of users and 3rd party plugins, WordPress has its faults. Some are minor update issues while others could potentially pose security risks for your target audience as well as yourself, company, brand and so on.

Usually, these little issues are just that; conflicting update information, syntax errors, and internal communication errors that can wreak havoc on your page, which can then cause malfunctions of plugins, upload issues, and missing buttons in the visual editor. The smallest errors can be enough to put your page on hiatus while you quickly familiarize yourself with troubleshooting WordPress or a site offering similar hosting services. This leads to work-stoppage, downtime, a loss on the books— no matter how you phrase it, it’s costly.

Our WordPress Website Experts


Our team of developers have been programming in WordPress since the early 2000’s and have seen just about every issue imaginable. Each of our trained technicians is more than capable in helping you fix the most complex errors and will get you back to optimal operating capacity in a relatively short period of time.

Don’t hesitate, there’s no time to waste. Your webpages are your front line in marketing, providing vital contact information, pertinent business information, as well as the very nature of the service or goods provided. With so much on the line, doesn’t it make sense to employ professional technicians that value your productivity as much as you do? Let us get your website back to work.

Here at Zooliad, we also offer a full line of webpage maintenance programs that are aimed at not only maintaining your current system, but also act as your first line of defense in the battle against data loss and malicious software. The best line of defense in any application, is a solid offense. Your website is not exempt from the analogy. With scheduled maintenances consisting of: backups, updates, and blocking any malicious software attacks, you are taking a preventative step in ensuring your website’s well-being.

If it’s broken we can fix it!


Having fast page speeds and good content will not matter if your website cannot be viewed. From time to time WordPress websites get hacked. This means that any internal plugins that help your website’s tools and features work can be affected. It is hard enough to create the content featured on your site, but having to take on the responsibilities of an IT professional is a risky gamble. Our developers are trained to root out and eradicate any malicious software hanging around your page. We know what to look for and where everything should be; allowing us to make quick work of what would otherwise have cost an entire day’s worth of work, spent searching YouTube for the tutorial that matches your exact issue.

Fix Issues and Errors

Fix Issues and Errors

Website repairs from $37.50

Did you get an error notification in your WordPress dashboard? Or maybe you made a plugin update and your website is suddenly not functioning properly anymore. Don’t hesitate, our fix experts can address the issue right away so that your website is up and running in no time.


Theme Customization

Small changes from $39

Want to make a small change to your website, but don’t know how or don’t have the time? Making minor updates like switching fonts, replacing a color theme, or even adding a new feature can feel intimidating! Our theme customization service is just what you need to make changes that quickly go live on your website.


Theme Customization


Website transfer from $59

Need help transferring your website to a new server or need to use a new domain name? Migrating a website is a scary task, but with the help of our fix experts, we’ll make sure that your website is safely transferred without a hitch.



A new website from $79

Not sure where to start in creating your new website? We’ll install WordPress right away and set up your theme in demo mode so that you can start creating the website of your dreams. Need help uploading your content? We can also assist you by transferring your content into the appropriate pages and advise on the best plugins to utilize.


Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

A faster website from $89

Is page speed slowing you down and ruining your site traffic? A website that loads faster can improve your Google rankings as well as your visitor’s experience. Our fix experts can identify how to make your site load at lightning speed, remedy any red flags and improve load performance.

$89.00SPEED UP

Malware Removal

Hack repair from $99

Did your website get hacked? Are you starting to notice suspicious activity or unwanted spammy links? Without fail, we’ll immediately address malware issues and get it up and running again! We can also provide safety plans to ensure data backups and other maintenance routines to prevent future hack attacks.


Malware Removal